Transantarctic Expedition – Week Two

Felicity lost a full day on Monday last week due to a storm. This was a frustrating setback for our intrepid explorer. However, the fact that she now has over 4,000 followers on Twitter helped to raise her spirits. Felicity was able to set off again on Tuesday, and had a fantastic day of travel. She came within 200 nautical miles of the South Pole, and kept on going. Spending a whole day skiing through a white haze on Thursday was disorientating and surreal. She crossed into the 87th degree, which the Americans call the ‘Sastrugi National Park’. As Felicity points out, this is very apt as the sastrugi are huge and everywhere. A sastrugi is a long wavelike ridge of snow, sculpted by strong Antarctic winds. Check out Felicity‚Äôs Twitter page to see some amazing photos of this landscape.